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        Audífonos 7.1 con Micrófono PXN U306


        Artisan design aesthetics, comfortable decompression head beam design, ergonomic and comfortable wearing. With cool LED lights and retractable directional microphone.
        7.1 Virtual channel 360 degree surround sound to accurately determine the enemy's position, allowing players to get the battle opportunity, listen to the voice and identify the position quickly.
        The full-cover earmuff with skin-friendly protein has good air permeability and moisture absorption function, which can be worn comfortably even in hot summer.
        380g body, get rid of the heavy shackles, more ergonomic. The earmuff is fully covered with 85mm skin protein and 55mm inner diameter, passive noise reduction and more comfortable.
        With a 50MM large-caliber unit, whether it's a light footstep or a distant sniper rifle shot, you're immersed in the game and in control.
        With multi-function wire control, volume increase / decrease, microphone switch, 4 Kinds of EQ modes free adjustment, simple and easy to operate.


        Model: PXN-U306
        Connection: USB Wired (1.8m Wire)
        Speaker diameter: 50mm
        Power: 50mW
        Weight: 350g
        Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
        Impedance: 32
        Sensitivity: 115db
        Distortion rate: 0.02%
        Size: 200x225x85mm

        Package Includes:

        1 x Headset
        1 x User Manual


        Drivers: DOWNLOAD (.zip)
        Manual: DOWNLOAD (.pdf)